• History

Our History

Hunters’ Harvest began as a loose association of hunters who were members of The Get Together in February 2005. Their purpose was to encourage hunters to donate fish and game to Get Together Partner Ministries feeding the hungry.

In 2006, a committee was formed to explore ways to expand the ministry and provide more fish and game to these organizations. To date, Hunters’ Harvest has provided in excess of 168,000 lbs. of fish and game to our Partner Ministries through:

  • A partnership with Pacto con Dios, a ministry in San Marcos, TX. Executive Director, Joe Lee, works in game management and processes game at his facility for the purpose of feeding the hungry and sharing the Gospel. Men from Victory Home were trained in meat cutting and processing at the Pacto con Dios facility.
  • Clean Out Your Freezer Day events, which have yielded 15,510 lbs. of fish and game donations.
  • Partnership with Pete’s Fine Meats, Maxwell’s Smokehouse and Midway Meat Market who provide processing and storage of Hunters’ Harvest donations at no charge.
  • Publicity through news media, web site, email blasts, and exposure at Hunting Shows throughout Texas.